Hostgator VPS is based on Linux. There are 9 levels of Hostgator VPS, each of which come with different CPU, memory and disk space. 2 Free dedicated IPs are included as free, if you need more, then the additional charge of each dedicated IP is $2/month.

Hostgator VPS Level 1 and Level 2 don’t have (cpanel or plesk), which means it’s hard to manage unless you have good knowledge on Linux and Apache. In general, we recommend them for legacy application, and batch processing application. It’s not a good option to host web sites. Starting at Level 3, Hostgator are offering Plesk free for the first year and its customers will receive Fully Managed support from them, which means Hostgator will handle any issue or VPS configuration request you may have. (Level 1 and Level 2 VPS are un-managed).

HostGator VPS Level 3 is sold at $49.95/month, including 1 CPU wiht 1.13GHZ computing capability, 768 MB memory, 30 GB disk space, and 500GB bandwidth. Considering Hostgator’s customer support, world-class data and high-performance web server. The price still looks quite good, especially for businesses.

We tested its speed using WordPress site with around 100 posts, plugins installed includes ‘Yet Another Related Post Plugin’, ‘All in One SEO Pack’, ‘Akismet’, and some other common WordPress Plugins. We test the performance of Hostgator VPS from locations like Dallas, Fremont, Newark, Shanghai China, Tokyo Japon and London UK. From below data, you could see that the site could be fully loaded under 1.5s within US. For the visitors from UK and Japan, the page loading speed is till under 2s. The worse case is to access the site from Shanghai China, people have to wait for around 2.21s to see the page loaded, but even in this case, the result is still not bad.

Hostgator now is offering 50% off first month for all its VPS hosting solution with coupon code “SNAPPYVPS“, which means people could spend $14.96/mo to try out Hostgator VPS solution. The deal is only effective for the first month, and people will be charged at the regular price starting from the second month. Hostgator accepts many different forms of payment. Visit for the latest information.

Hostgator has a team full of experienced engineers. They are responsible for security audits, load problems monitoring, troubleshooting script configurations, firewall setup, sofware upgrade and more. All those will free you out of server maintenance, and allow you to focus on your own businesses. Their engineers is 100% US-based, no outsourcing.

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